A Recovering Sexist

Men prefer to criticize the sexism of another distant male than confront the sexism within themselves

Which is redundandant because ignoring the sexist in you while calling it out from others actually helps in the sustainance of sexism anyways

And consuming this thing of being digestable to women by appropriating the “gentleman” construct does not necessarily extract the sexism within us

It just creates an illusion to what women actually demand and deserve.

Hi my name is Charcoal and I’m a 28yr old male trying to recover from the tradition of discriminating women.

My recovery started the day I learnt and accepted that if maleness is a derivative of patriachy & patriachy is rooted in injustice…

Then there obviously must be some unjust thiings embedded within my maleness

So I allowed myself to let feminist narratives reconstruct my male entrenched perceptions of what a “just” man entails. Some say “But Charcoal men don’t need feminism to unlearn the sins of patriachy” upon which I argue that as direct consumers and benericiaries of patriachy we have eventually internalized male culture too much to differentiate what’s “just” from what’s “unjust” we especially need the doctrine of the person most targeted through patriachy to rid us of this cancer…. FEMENISM IS THE FUTURE!

Author: blackinfernoblog

Poetry, Free Writing, Craft, Graphic Designer, Political Agitator....

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