Debunking 2PAC

21 years ago today 2pac Amaru Shakur died after spending 6days in hospital bed from gun shot wounds…
2pac is without a doubt hailed as one of the greatest rappers of all time and some have even gone further to speculated that if 2pac were still alive politics and or music (rap) would not be the same, I personally think this is overrating him but I’m not outche (as the kids say) trying to discuss that part.

To me 2Pac appears as the perfect representation of a man caught inbetween misogyny and feminism* and there is more than enough evidence in his music to corroborate my “bold” statement. You see firstly 2Pac was born into a family filled with staunch activists, the most noticeable of whom which were Afeni Shakur (his mother) and Assata Shakur (his aunt). Afeni and Assata were devoted members of the Black Panther Party a revolutionary party from the USA that pivoted black power, socialism and later femenism.

The women who raised PAC were undoubtedly revolutionary and meanwhile on the opposite spectrum the society in which PAC grew up in was fundamentally patriarchal mixed with gangster or thug culture. I do not know if I should call Pac’s predicament as unfortunate or not but 2Pac fell deep into the grip of gangsta rap. Gangsta Rap in essence is essentially charachtarized by personification of the Thug Life and masculine gazes to issues (women) so Pac’s music is marred with crude misogyny and objectification of women “which is quite unfortunate” , on the other hand 2pac would resonate with feminist influences and reflect on women’s experiences evident In His songs like *Keep Ya Head Up* or *Brenda’s got a baby* or *Never call you bitch again* we hear Pac highlighting subjects like the economic exploitation of women, slut shamming and rape e.t.c
The society we live in is patriarchal and Men are largely raised to be misogynists and sexists, so our duty as men against gender discrimination is to 1:acknowledge and 2:unlearn the the violence we are conditioned to exert. In conclusion i am actually a huge fan of Pac (not necessarily my favourite rapper) but I will never excuse Pac for his perpetuation of masculine violence.

Author: blackinfernoblog

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